Mini Vapor Pin®


Mini Vapor Pin®

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The Mini Vapor Pin® is for use in any setting. They are ideal with slabs as thin as 2 inches. The Mini Vapor Pin® is installed in the flush-mount position after drilling only a 5/8-inch hole. Mini Vapor Pins® are sold as a complete set, which eliminates the need for separate covers. While Mini Vapor Pin® are designed for permanent installation and cannot be removed and reused, they are constructed of anodized aluminum, making them very economical. FLX-VPTM Barb and Mini Vapor Pin® secure cover both have O-Rings for the seal.

SET INCLUDES: Mini Vapor Pin®, sleeve and cap

You will need the FLX-VP barb in order to install the Mini Vapor Pin. The FLX-VP can be utilized for sampling, or you can remove it and utilize all the other sampling connections just as you can with the FLX-VP. The FLX-VP barb is removed to install the Mini Secure Cover in between sampling event.