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Female Quick Connect

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The Micro-QT is a next generation gas valve offering uncompromised leak-tight performance in an ergonomic design. The Micro-QT is also versatile, providing numerous connection options to cover a wide range of applications. After the Micro-QT valve is installed on tubing with a compression fitting, mating male and female valve ends is literally just a “snap”.

Originally designed for environmental air sampling and analysis, the Micro-QT has found a place in numerous other applications. Micro-QT’s feature a distinctively bright and colorful SiloniteTM coating that prevents gas phase compounds from interacting with the metal surface. The rugged, solid design stands up to thousands of connections while maintaining leak-tight operation. For scientists and professionals working with VOC and SVOCs, the Micro-QT’s compact internal volume reduces exposure to potentially contaminated surfaces and allows for easy cleaning.

Entech Micro-QT and standard Micro Valves Features

Fast Connections

Zero Welds

Light and Compact Design

Inexpensive Low Inclusion Volume

Automation Friendly

Easily Cleaned

Clear Connection Indication

Popular Applications

Laboratory Gas Lines

Instrument Inlets

Sampling Equipment

Canister Field Sampling

Headspace Vials and Chambers

Gas Manifold Connections