RM Young AQ Wind Monitor (model 05305) Sensor


RM Young AQ Wind Monitor (model 05305) Sensor

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This product requires the Onset Adapter: S-WCB-M003.


The Wind Monitor is a high resolution wind sensor for air quality applications, that is compatible with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations, including the RX3000, U30-NRC, H21, and H22 systems. When paired with the S-WCB-M003 wind sensor adapter, it offers plug-and-play performance with Onset stations, eliminating the need for programming or complex wiring. ‚ It combines low threshold, fast response and excellent fidelity to meet important regulatory standards.¢‚¬¨¢‚¬¨

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Ambient Monitoring Guidelines for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD).¢‚¬¨¢‚¬¨

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency NRC Regulatory Guide 1.23 Meteorological Programs in Support of Nuclear Power Plants.¢‚¬¨¢‚¬¨

American Nuclear Society Standard for Determining Meteorological Information at Power Plants.¢‚¬¨¢‚¬¨

Wind speed is sensed by a lightweight, carbon fiber thermoplastic (CFT), helicoid propeller. The wind direction sensor is a lightweight, balanced vane. The instrument body is UV stabilized plastic with stainless steel and anodized aluminum fittings. The instrument mounts on standard 1 inch pipe.

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an outdoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

This sensor supports the following measurement: Wind

Adapter Specifications

Cable from adapter housing that plugs into logger:‚ 3m (9.8 ft)
Adapter housing dimensions:‚ 19.6 cm(7.7 in) long, 2.7 cm (1.05 in) diameter
Cable from adapter housing for connectiong screw terminal in the RM Young sensor junction box:‚ 46 cm (18 in)‚ 
Wind speed measurement range:‚ '0 to 50 m/s (0 to 112 mph)
Wind speed accuracy (adapter only):‚ 0.20 m/s (0.46 mph)
Wind speed resolution: 0.20 m/s (0.46 mph)
Wind direction range:‚ 0 to 355 degrees
Wind direction accuracy (adapter only):‚ 1.4 degrees
Wind direction resolution:‚ 1.4 degrees