MX2500 Replacement Electrode

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MX2500 Replacement Electrode

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With its gel electrolyte and double Pellon® junction minimizing the chance of contamination of the reference electrolyte, this plastic-bodied electrode and the HOBO MX2501 pH and Temperature Data Logger are perfectly suited for environmental monitoring of streams, lakes, rivers, estuaries, and oceans. The electrode uses potentiometric and temperature measurements of samples to determine the pH, and can easily be replaced because of the simple plug-and-play 3.5-mm connector. Following proper calibration, storage, and maintenance protocols for the electrode, the MX2501 can achieve pH accuracies of ±0.10 pH units within ±10°C of temperature at calibration.

The replacement pH electrode replaces the original pH electrode that ships with the HOBO MX2501 logger. The electrodes should be replaced after six months of use.

NOTE: pH electrodes should always be stored in storage solution when not deployed.