HOBO Weather Station 2-Meter Tripod Kit


HOBO Weather Station 2-Meter Tripod Kit

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Everything youll need for a 2-meter tripod configuration of the HOBO Weather Station or HOBO Micro Station. The Kit includes a 2-meter tripod (M-TPB), Grounding Kit (M-GKA), Guy Wire Kit (M-GWA), 1/2"? Stake Kit (M-SKA) for guy wires, 1/4"? Stake Kit (M-SKB) for tripod, and Mast Level (M-MLA).

Cross arm height range: 1.72 to 2.13 m (5.6 to 7 ft.)
Leg height (to top of legs): 0.81 m (2.7 ft.)
Mast diameter: 4.1 cm (1.63 in.)
Tripod footprint: 51 cm (20 in.)
Weight/Size: 56" x 10" x 9" @ 29 lbs.
Maximum slope: not adjustable for sloping surfaces