AC Current Switch Sensor


AC Current Switch Sensor

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Measure runtime (time-of-use) of equipment with the CSV-A8 split-core AC current sensor along with a compatible HOBO data logger. This UL-listed sensor has built-in on/off status lights and provides an adjustable current threshold of 0.5 to 175 amps. Simply install the sensor around a current-carrying wire to the equipment to be monitored and then connect the sensor to a compatible UX90 or UX120 data logger. 

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used with any state channel on UX-120-xxxx, U9-001 or U11-001 loggers
  • Installs around a current-carrying wire to provide a relay signal indications equipment on/off
  • Adjustable threshold provides maximum application flexibility
  • UL listed


In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The CSV-A8 sensor supports the following measurement: Motor On/Off

Amperage range: .5 to 175 Amps continuous
Sensor supply voltage: Induced from monitored conductor, with no external power required
Isolation: 600 VAC rms (max voltage when monitoring an uninsulated conductor
Status ratings: N.O. 1.0A @ 30 VAC/DC max, not polarity-sensitive
Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.1 x 2.3 cm (2.32 x 2.0 x 0.92 in)
Window opening: 0.002% of full scale